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By definition motivation is an emotional element that arouses one to act
or move toward a desired goal. The reasoning that prompts the action
provides the purpose and direction behind expressed behavior.

Most of us have dreams, goals, desires and wishes. No matter how
practical and down to earth, or lofty and wild, most of us would like
to make our dreams come true, reach our goals, satisfy our desires
and make our dreams come true. Whether it is to keep the house
clean, pay our bills, quit an addiction, lose weight, write a book
or make a million dollars…oftentimes it is “motivation” that
we lack to start the journey, continue the journey, or complete
the journey.

To find, access, and capture the motivation that you need to achieve
your chosen dreams, goals, desires and wishes consider first
self-motivation. Realize how important your chosen destiny is
to you. As self-motivation can be a challenge, seek motivation
from friends, family, hero figures, books, the internet, or whatever
source that moves and inspires you to take another step toward
your own personal success.

Never give up! Make progress everyday! Develop discipline and
determination. Stay focused on your vision! Commit to success!
Accept and know that the bigger the dream and benefit… the
greater the challenge! And then pray unceasingly for God to
assist you with the motivation to realize your dreams, reach
your goals and make your wishes come true!

For further assistance with motivation, feel free to e-mail
me at For further assistance with
motivation, feel free to purchase my books. For on-going
assistance with motivation, I am available for one-hour
sessions of one-on-one telephone motivation at $50.00 per

I hope at this point you feel motivated to start your journey,
continue your journey or complete your journey. As you travel
your life path, know that all human endeavors will face adversity,
obstacles, fatigue, and spots of hopelessness…but with the right
motivation, you can move pass the hurdles and roadblocks to
achieve the success you desire and deserve!

Go for it!


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365 Days of Prayer CD

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A Black Woman Speaks

Coping with Inner-Turmoil $12.00
Coping with Inner-Turmoil

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365 Days of Prayer